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See, I thought I was handling the whole pandemic stress levels thing pretty well since like, this is NOTHING compared to high school for me, but uhhhhhhh the thrillseeking behaviors, anxiety and dissociative spells, returning to writing and shipping themes that I frequented in high school, and frequent Y2K music choices say otherwise.

Like, i'm alright and have genuinely dealt with worse for longer so I will continue to be alright. But also. Oof, i'm glad i'm consciously aware of how i'm coping and what i'm coping from this time around.

#Pyro speaks #covid mention #pandemic mention #coping #coping mention #mild vent #seriously i'm alright and surviving i'm just shook because yeah i'm absolutely needing to cope #but then it's also weird to me #because i'm not like having a mental breakdown either #And I know a lot of folks are #Like this pandemic is basically teaching neutrotypicals what living with mental illness is like lmao #and also what living in a traumatic environment or going through traumatic experiences is like #Like people have asked me how i'm handling the pandemic stress so well and I just gotta kinda shrug because this literally does not compare to what I've previously been through #It sucks ass and I want the Rona to take a long walk off a short dock don't get me wrong #and if this all happened back when I was still in high school I honestly might not survive full stop #but as of right now this is just eerie and stressful #But not deathly overwhelming #Mildly negative #the tags convo is DEFINITELY negative #negative

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