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Thief King

Did you think you would find peace here? How foolish you must feel now.

Made this testing the huion sketch app like, months ago. Drawing on a phone bites. I also spent a thousand years trying to shade before I decided screw it and threw on some cell shading. Work went much faster after that. Cell shading is the real og.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have morally grey yugioh characters to envision in happy epilogues.


Hi i'm yugioh trash and would die for Mokuba Kaiba in a heartbeat

also i'm finally learning how to use Krita like an Artist TM instead of just *picks draw tool* *does draw thing*. Seriously i adjusted my brush and stablization settings and everything. And it's all yugioh's fault for inspiring me.

My Ghost

Inspired by She by Dodie Clark.

Who is the woman in the photo? A key character in a very long story of life.

Micron pens sizes 08, 05, 02, 03, 005. 98 lbs (160 g) weight paper.

Might retake the picture in the morning.


I tried my hand at drawing ink-first and while I had to redraw a couple of parts (note the sticky notes), I think it turned out really nicely! I'll likely do it again, since this was really fun. You can, of course, blame @kevlar01 for making me even consider ink-first.

Two-Face has been one of if not my absolute favourite Batman rogues since I was little, and I really should give the character more love than I do. For now though, he at least has finally shown up on my page ahah

Micron 05 black pen, 98 lbs (160 g) paper, and a great many hours of love.

So, I drew this in sketch form a few nights ago, and inked it yesterday after I found out the new Evolution movie is being put into English. Eventually I’ll have time to watch it. Eventually,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eventually.

Master of Fear

I sketched this the other night and finally got the opportunity to finalize it today. This is no specific canon Crane, just what comes to mind whenever I’m talking about him. Though, should I be forced to choose, I’d say this is most inspired by B;tAS and several adaptations of Sleepy Hollow.

Dabbing Darkrai

I needed this after a hell weekend of trying to animate only to get absolutely cockblocked by every piece of tech I tried to use. Borne out of frustration and giving up on life itself, here is a Darkrai,,,,,,,,,dabbing like the Zoomer god it is.
Seriously, anyone feel like gen iv is the "abandoned generation" of Pokémon? Because it feels like it sometimes,,,,

Darkrai made in Photoshop, background made in Procreate.

'Work Smart Brain' Sticker by Pyromanic

Your brain is here to remind you: work smart, not to death! If you can cut down on the weight of your workload, do it. Save a brain, take the route best for the future you! • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Find your thing.

Working Advice Brain Sticker

Hello lovelies! I've finally uploaded a new design to my RedBubble page. You can see it through the above link, or by going to my RedBubble page here!

A gentle reminder that I periodically upload new, silly little designs. I find they work best as stickers, but others have told me in the past that the designs look cute on tote bags. RedBubble does offer a wide array of options for what you'd like the design on though, so truly the choice is all yours!

Cheers, everyone!

It is a 50/50 chance that they either fuck after this or Hux walks away like a smug little bastard and leaves Ren very confused but very turned on. The world make never know.

Blicks markers, Micron inking pens, 98 lbs paper.

Patch Job

Hux after a rough sparing time. He'll be fine. You should see the other guy.

Blicks markers and Micron inking pens on 98 lbs paper.

A Little Kiss

This scene came up in a conversation between @kevlar01 and I, where Obi-Wan and Anakin fall off a building (they were being goofs, don't worry, they're fine. Force-assisted landing and all that) and Obi-Wan is very shooketh afterwards, so Anakin spends the rest of the day being sweet on him. Like, sickeningly sweet. This is one of those sweet moments, the two of them just chilling in their socks, Anakin giving Obi-Wan seven billion little peppered kisses and Obi-Wan absolutely eating it up.

"Careful, Anakin",,,,,,

Sad Hux

Just like it says in the title. Why is Hux sad? Probably because he got fucked over in TROS. Or maybe he's still hung up over Ren becoming Supreme Leader. Or maybe he misses Mitaka. Or maybe he's just a bitch. Or all of the above!! (shhh I love Hux, I insult him to show my love for the evil space ginger)

I love painting hair. I couldn't tell you why. Eyes are a close second, but hair is just really fun to paint. Also, I found the blending brush in Krita today, and even though my laptop HATES when I use it, that brush is an absolute game changer!


This is one of the other things I made last night. I cannot fully express how fun it is to draw Mew. The Growlithe hair and Mewtwo muzzle are courtesy of @kevlar01

Micron pens, Blick markers, 98 lbs (160 g) paper.


Got into a super big marker mood last night, and this was one of the results. Someday maybe this will become a sticker, if I ever get the courage to buy a table at a local con.

Micron pens, Blick markers, 98 lbs (160 g) paper.

Force Ghost Hux

During the Kill Contemplation scene in TLJ, I couldn't help but picture Supreme Leader Hux being haunted by Force-Ghost Ren (Force Sensitive Hux AU because I am ALWAYS a slut for making characters Force Sensitive). So after seeing Hux die, guess who couldn't stop thinking about the reverse.

Hint: it's this guy :P

Ren is haunted by an obnoxious Hux until he dies, and then probably strangles ghost Hux until the end of time.

Fur Loki

Also seeable on my FA, click here.

I started drawing this to test out markers and also to practice drawing anthro dogs, and halfway through realized the hair looked like Marvel's Loki, so I ran with it and now Loki is a German Shepherd of sorts. Hazaah!!

Micron lined, Blick coloured, on 98 lbs (160 g) weight paper. Photo thanks to my phone.

I got bored at work and did a lil pen doodle of Chandelure. Mostly because I got into a conversation of Vikavolt vs Chandelure for special attack, and imo Chandelure is a better choice for its speed and special defense. But, I'll admit I'm bias, because Chandelure was my MVP in Black Version.

If work keeps being slow, I might make more of these little sketches.

Space Mew

This is a remake of a Mew I made for my FA page a while back. I am more fond of this version so I'll post it here with a shameless plug to my FurAffinity page. Bam, a link!

I was inspired to draw Stars Beesa (@cjadewyton character credit, she's from their story project) from the Demrefor world.

I knew next to nothing about the character while drawing her so I have no clue her personality, but this is what my brain thought up and so there y'all go. A Stars Beesa who is doubting an unknown statement.