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My Ghost

Inspired by She by Dodie Clark.

Who is the woman in the photo? A key character in a very long story of life.

Micron pens sizes 08, 05, 02, 03, 005. 98 lbs (160 g) weight paper.

Might retake the picture in the morning.


I tried my hand at drawing ink-first and while I had to redraw a couple of parts (note the sticky notes), I think it turned out really nicely! I'll likely do it again, since this was really fun. You can, of course, blame @kevlar01 for making me even consider ink-first.

Two-Face has been one of if not my absolute favourite Batman rogues since I was little, and I really should give the character more love than I do. For now though, he at least has finally shown up on my page ahah

Micron 05 black pen, 98 lbs (160 g) paper, and a great many hours of love.

I got bored at work and did a lil pen doodle of Chandelure. Mostly because I got into a conversation of Vikavolt vs Chandelure for special attack, and imo Chandelure is a better choice for its speed and special defense. But, I'll admit I'm bias, because Chandelure was my MVP in Black Version.

If work keeps being slow, I might make more of these little sketches.