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Pyro. They/them. Hopeless romantic. Author and artist, aspiring in both areas. Do not go gently into that good night.

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If you're an artist of any kind feel free to reblog, like this post or tag others in it! I'm looking for more active (at least once a month) people to follow. :)

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@kevlar01 and I are relatively active ✌️

What I am on...

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Tumblr: smokedoutcoldstar.tumblr.com

Ao3: pyromanicofthesea

RedBubble: redbubble.com/people/pyromanic

Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/pyromanic

Pillowfort: Pyromanicofthesea

FurAffinity: PyromanicSea

(updated 1/18)

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Hey y'all, I'm on FurAffinity now too! You can find me here or by my username, PyromanicSea <3

Space Mew

This is a remake of a Mew I made for my FA page a while back. I am more fond of this version so I'll post it here with a shameless plug to my FurAffinity page. Bam, a link!

This is basically a rehash of my About page but I feel like this will be more organized.

So I'm Pyro, and I like:


-Marvel (mostly MCU centered tbh)

-DC (mostly Batverse centered stuff tbh)

-The Glass Sciences (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And other penny dreadful stories)

-Bandersnatch (just that black mirror episode)


-Legend of Zelda

-Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit

-Steven Universe

-The Girl from the Other Side


-Sonic the Hedgehog (mostly gaming and Boom universes)

I ship pretty much anything that isn't underage (aging-up during backstory/fic/own verse is okay) or noncon-based, so I like to think I'm pretty chill about that sort of thing. I like hearing about headcanon explanations/theories and shipping explanations and whatnot. I like giving rarepairs fanworks, so if there's a rarepair/rare-t-3 (or 3+) you'd like to see stuff for, by all means shoot me a message and I'll look into it! That being said, I do take commissions too, and have a page for that.

Am I like, overselling myself a bit? Probably, aah oh well. The more you know!

As seen on my art Instagram: pyros_art_works

Lil Hoggie giving a supportive thumbs-up!

(Update 1/18: No longer active on Insta)