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Kylo Ren is an Idiot

I was sketching and the first comic happened. Then I shared it with @pyromanicsea and they encouraged me to continue it after I said what dialog I'd put in the next one. XD

Ren knows exactly what he is doing.

Hux knows this too.

Done in Procreate.

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Dragon Sketch

Quick random dragon sketch! @pyromanicsea told me to post it haha.

Done in photoshop with a wacom intuous 3.

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pyromanicsea -

Yes I did, because it's NEAT and I LIKE IT!

I got bored at work and did a lil pen doodle of Chandelure. Mostly because I got into a conversation of Vikavolt vs Chandelure for special attack, and imo Chandelure is a better choice for its speed and special defense. But, I'll admit I'm bias, because Chandelure was my MVP in Black Version.

If work keeps being slow, I might make more of these little sketches.

As seen on my art Instagram: pyros_art_works

Lil Hoggie giving a supportive thumbs-up!

(Update 1/18: No longer active on Insta)